I was trying to get the address of All Saints Centre, it is not advertised on this website and that is a shame as a lot happens at the centre, there also needs to be contact for the centre, my model club meets there once a month but a lot of other activities go on...I think more notice is needed. Also a contact for this group/network needs to be put on this website.

None of the editors are available - this makes the Network very unfriendly. Just some points.

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Hi Adrian

Pleased to see you have joined HB.net, which is a website made by its members - so the info is only as up-to-date as what members post. However, it links with a facebook page and twitter, so between the three it should be possible to find the information you need, or ask others for it.

All Saints has a link which you will find to the right of the Home page but the info isn't very current - you can add your link, or you can make a dedicated group (to the left on the Home page).


Thanks for the reply.

I do not follow Twitter nor face book and I don't intend to.

There should be an address put on the site for the community centre, I will try to get a link sorted for our model club, which by the way is open to newcomers - third Monday of each month.


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