Hello everyone,

Good to meet you all!

I've had my eye on Hackbridge for a couple of months now as it looks to be just what I'm looking for - good commuting time into the city but also far enough out that it doesn't feel like you're in the city. The green space around also appeals greatly. Plus property prices still seem to be reasonable whereas other areas have shot right up.

I was just wondering what everyone's opinion was on the two upcoming developments and if these are popular/unpopular among residents?

Would also be interested to hear from existing residents about life in Hackbridge and if it's as good a place to live as I'd hope!

Thanks for your time

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On the whole I think the response has been positive. These developments make the area more appealing and push the value up of local property. In the past it seems a lot of South-West Londoners have looked down on Hackbridge as the place near the landfill site and sewage works - but the investment into creating a proper town centre and increasing the housing in the local area is making Hackbridge much more desirable. I even know people who moved out of the area but are now considering moving back in!

Not to mention - the gorgeous Beddington Park and the wonderful cycle path through Beddington park and onto Bridle Way that takes you to Purley Way/Croydon.

Hi David,

Thanks for your reply - encouraging to hear. And yes, the idea of Beddington Park on my doorstep sounds fantastic!

Talking of the sewage works...I've seen the odd horror story regarding smells from it while researching online. How often is the smell etc an issue?

The famous 'Hackbridge pong'. It goes through phases. There haven't been any problems with it for a long time. But shortly after we moved to the area - 4 years ago - it was a more regular problem. Residents were given details to report problems back then so that any issues can be dealt with as speedily as possible:

Comments or concerns: 0845 920 0800 or email customer.feedback@thameswater.co.uk with subject line 'Beddington STW'
The pong comes and goes, I can't remember smelling it for months now, and it's usually just around the train station. Thames Water have been doing some work at the sewerage plant (the so called 'Dutch barns') which should sort the issue, think the work was scheduled to be finished this summer.
We moved to the area 18 months ago & think it is great, and the work that's happening with the Felnex site can only improve the area.


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