There's a dilapidated building at the end of Park Road (owned by the local car tyre business).  The windows are broken and the whole building needs a good lick of paint.  At the moment the building's a real eye-sore and lets down the area.  I'm considering asking the boss if he plans to fix the place up anytime soon. 


Does this bother anyone else?

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Yes - anywhere that looks unkempt tends to make people feel depressed about an area, besides contributing to vandalism... it's worth pursuing.

Good idea, David... broken window theory suggests very good reasons for addressing this sort of thing sooner rather than later!


The owner is actually quite friendly and helpful so I shouldn't be too critical. But I agree about the window.



Hi All


I had a nice chat to a chap called Paul in the place today.  He said the business is closing down in the near future, hence the reason they've done no refurbishments/repairs.


Fingers crossed that the place gets bought and renovated soon and doesn't lie derelict afterwards :-S


Thanks for your comments.



Errr... okay. They've just built an extension onto the side of the property :-S

Not something you'd do if you were leaving.

Have I been lied to?

Have you spoken to the owner, Martin?

Martin is approachable and very helpfull. The chap you spoke to, Paul, was merely an employee so to speak. Having known both these guys for a number of years I can vouch that the place is being re-furbed to improve certainly needed it!

Either way the guys are working to straighten the place up. Having suffered financially during the closure of the bridge when it was rebuilt, Martin has lost a fair few quid after that.

Having sold the business it is now just a work in progress and I feel certain that the place will be very much improved in the coming weeks.


Thanks Phil for your reply.  Sorry to hear about their financial trouble.  I hadn't spoken to Martin as he was not around when I popped in.  I'm happy to wait a few weeks if they're planning to refurbish.  Hate to moan about things, but with all the developments planned to improve the area, it's a shame to have such a visible property letting the area down.  I appreciate now that a refurbishment may not have been financially viable earlier.  I'm happy to take your word on this and hold off on escalating the matter further. 


Totaly agree that the building needed work but such was the financial situation for Martin he was basically running at a very small profit margin if anything towards the end. Martin is actually helping to do the refurb to help save costs despite his health problems. The new guys are looking at a fair few improvements to the workshop and I believe that they will make a good go of the business despite the present economic climate.

There are a few issues to "moan" (so to speak) about, I think that working together to resolve any issues for the good of the area is always the way to go forward.

There are a few of us looking at the proposals to the other run down business premises in Park Road/Wandle road and we are also looking to finally sort out the parking/bad parking in the roads around here. As you are no doubt a local resident you are more than aware of the problems Wandle Road and Park road suffer for various reasons. I am meeting the local council planner for roads to discuss these shortly.

Thanks. I live in Centurion Court so do know about the issues you mention.  I'm also from a local church that serves the community.  We recently installed a garden fence for a local lady who needed help.  If Martin could do with some labourers to help out and keep costs down let me know and I could get a volunteer(s).

Keep us posted on the outcome of your meeting via the site.


The place is looking much better already. Refurb appears to be well underway. Happy days :)

Happy days indeedy David. Still plenty to do and I know it will look a whole lot better eventually.

The workshop is having a few £££'s spent on it too and should look very professional and tidy.

I mentioned the yellow lines recently and having bumped into Councillor Glitheroe a few days ago he informs me that they should be coming into Wandle Road and Elmwood Close junctions pretty soon....FINALLY!

The other problems that are caused by bad parking and the general layout of the area are still to be adressed but  I am aware that a visit was made to the Council to get them to advise/look at what residents want in the area to try to ease the problems.....more news as we get it.

I'd want as much input from as many people in the areas to work towards the best solution and come up with the best ideas that work for US and not what the Council think is best. Having spoken and walked the roads with the planning guys I feel they will let us come up with OUR ideas and then tweek them to what is workable...should be a win win outcome.

I'll start another thread dedicated to the Wandle/Park Road improvements as and when I get a minute!! ;~)

Just a quick update regarding the progress of the tyre shop. As can be seen from the amount of work done upto now, the place is looking a lot better and is definately getting there. The workshop is tidier and overall the area is looking better for it. Finishing off and tinkering to do on the outside and I think it's a job well done.

I've received notification about the yellow lines that are coming into Wandle Road and Elmwood Close. They are due to be painted on the 6th of June so very soon. Finally we have got what we asked for and not what the council initially came up with. A good case of sitting down and talking to get the job right 1st time. They listened to the residents.

I've spoken to the planners about Wandle Road and Park Road regarding the problems that they both have. Seems that they like the ideas I put forward and would like to look into it a lot more. I shall start a new topic thread so we can get the input from as many as possible on here that are interested in sorting out the parking/bad parking in those roads.


Phil Elliott.


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