Details of a current change-of-use application to turn half of the existing Hackbridge Convenience Stores into a 'fried chicken shop' can be found here:

Comments on the application must be submitted by Friday 20 December.

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With Sainsburys open opposite I don't blame the owner for wanting to convert the existing shop - there's no way they can compete with the range on offer in there.
Does Hackbridge need five shops??

Hi Joe,

Thanks for your reply. I totally agree with you about having real sympathy for the owner. They can't compete. And Hackbridge probably doesn't need five convenience shops! 

But the application divides the existing shop into two, keeping a smaller convenience store and adding a fried chicken takeaway. I'm just concerned that neither will survive against the competition...or they'll put each other out of business.

I don't have any easy solutions. Convert the whole store into a local restaurant? Would people go? What about a proper grocery selling stuff from Sutton Community Farm? Would people use it? Just some ideas - it'll be interesting to see what happens. 

Joe (the other one!)

What we really need in Hackbridge is something like the new small Restaurant/coffee shop The Brook, on Manor Road, Wallington. If anyone has visited the Brook it is becoming the "hub" of the local community. This is just what we need in rejuvenated Hackbridge.

I don't consider we need yet another takeaway, but hey at least the shop owners are doing something in order to try and save their business.

would be great to have a bakery or a coffee shop like the roast and ground in Carshalton village


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