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Having witnessed the amount of fly tipping in Beddington Park over time, and noticed that the council gave notification that they were removing the 'recycling' bins in the car park on London Road due to continued abuse (dumping of rubbish) it saddens me to still see that fly tipping is on going.

A number of months back I was walking in the area and saw a man dumping a number of bags of waste. Nothing to do with recycling but just rubbish. I asked him what he thought he was doing and explained that this area was not a dump and he should re-think his actions. He took my advice, he knew he was caught 'red handed' and he hurriedly put the rubbish back in his van, apologised and drove away.

Today I was again fortunate enough to be in the park walking with our dog and decided to go and see the pile of rubbish that we'd noticed as we drove past earlier in the morning. 

The council has still got just 2 recycling bins in the car park but as usual this has been abused.

Walking towards the recycling/dumping area I could see a woman un loading her car. I observed what she was doing and she was dumping wood, branches and garden waste...hardly clothing or books!

Again I asked her and the man sat in the car what they thought they was doing. The man was totally in agreement with me and stated that he had told the woman not to do it and that he was "nothing to do with it"

Despite her failing to see that her little bit of rubbish was not as bad as the "others", I asked her if she felt the Police may think the same and also if she could prove she was not responsible for all the other rubbish?

She took onboard what I was saying, I explained the problem with fly tipping and that rubbish brings more rubbish...and up to a £10,000 fine. She removed her rubbish and apologised.

The man was really decent and to be honest the woman was also someone that should of known better...they knew what they was doing but decided to chance it....FAIL.

I'm sick to death of the people that feel they can dump their waste in and around our area. It angers me that nothing appears to be done to enforce the laws that are there but rarely used.

I notice that a report stated that fly tipping cost Sutton council £170,000 to clean up, paid for by us.

My intentions are to take this matter up with the council to see what they are doing to clamp down on this anti social behaviour? Having spent a few minutes looking through a small part of the rubbish now dumped in the park, I found 3 names and addresses....these people are guilty of NOT making sure that the waste they are disposing of is being done by reputable people with a waste licence to do the job.

I for one am happy to confront anyone that is breaking the law. I would like to think that should things get a bit confrontational that the law would back me up for standing up against this blight on society.

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