The council have sent in the tree surgeons again to further mutilate the beautiful tres behind Senga Rd. This line of trees used to line the old carriageway to the CULVERS mansion. One reason why I bought my house was because of this little piece of rural splendour. These surgeons are returning more and more frequently and clearly are hired in from inner city areas where nobody understands how a tree should look. Ever time the trees are hacked backed to the trunk and take 2 seasons to even begin to recover. But as the surgeons seem to visit twice a year recovery is noww never taking place. The trees are getting smaller and smaller and more and more ugly. I write to the council but they never respond. Am I the only person alive who wants to hang on and even expand the few bits of natural beauty that remain around here. I'd like to see propesed tree cutting leafletted to households with the reasons expalined giving us a chance to object. I know I'm flogging a dead horse here as observations tell me that many current residents (inner city refugees)regard trees as an eyesore that keeps out the light. This breed was raised with concrete fields (playground) to play on etc - I haven't got a chance of stopping this horror story.  

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