Do you have suggestions which would make a difference to your Happiness Index and your ‘lifestyle choices’ in Hackbridge?

From time to time the media report on the Happiness Index of the UK. It’s based on several factors such as economics, work, society and family, politics – and of course physical and mental health and the environment. As a nation we seem to rub along ok, but there is always room for improvement – and the same is true of Hackbridge.

During 2013, I asked people in local activities what they thought about Health and Wellbeing, and the positives and negatives of Hackbridge as a place to live happily (and healthily). Many people made practical suggestions which were taken on board by various local planning groups – for example, we now have a supermarket with a good choice of fresh veg, level access to the shops and station, some improvements to local walking routes, and an ATM.

What would make a difference to your Hackbridge Happiness Index?


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I would like the site of the landfill area transformed into The Hackbridge country Park ASAP. I can't seem to find an adgenda for this proposal (If it still exists)


I would like a seperate well ventilated room for smokers in The Red Lion as my wife and I have not had a night out in 7 years.


I would like the FELNEX estate to become open ground with trees and a lake. Sod economic growth. Excuse my language.


I would like to drive my car for more than 20 feet without demolishing the undersde of my car on a speed bump.


I would like to be able to afford to use the Westcroft sports centre.


Nothing wrong with dreaming is there...........


Hi Chris - definitely nothing wrong with dreaming!

the regional park is definitely going on, see , and it is a whole range of different projects, large and small, in a scattering of locations including the large area of Mitcham Common/ Beddington farmlands. I don't know the time scale.


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