Can anyone expain why the Hackbridge Hub, which was proposed to be a "public square surrounded by shops, reataurants ands cafes" has turned into a supermarket and 200+ space car park ?


The restaurant and cafe idea seemed ideal, oppsoite the station, people on their way home from work / on the way out for a night out stopping for a bite to eat and drink and meeting friends would surely be better than a supermarket.


The only place to eat/go out in the evenings in Hackbridge is the Asia Tandoori  or the Red Lion (which although very nice is not much of a choice !) what about an italian cafe, tapas/wine bar, somewhere to sit outside on a summers evening and watch the workd go by - anything but a supermarket !!

Why do we need a nother supermarket ?  There is sainsburys, and 4 conveience stores at hackbridge, a co-op and sainsburys in Carshalton high street, sainsbury, tesco & lidl in wallington all just a short bus ride away

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The square is still going ahead (least I think so). But the developers want to make a profit a tesco will do that you see. I would rather see a row of small shops with flats above but that is not where the money is. Look at the wallington development by the station. Finally one shop has opened and it's another sainsburys.
We should be more concerned at whether the shops will be local independent businesses. However we can't get it all are way as the developer is investing £150,0000. I have the concern that the houses will be sold to foreign investors. This has been done on properties in croydon and could happen here.


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