I've been made redundant and at 58 am finding it difficult to find an income source. Whilst my background is in Customer Service and Administration I also have experience in Stores management, factory planning, Electro-mechanical assembly, Data-base control, Material coordination etc. I'm willing to undertake any jobs that might be available from Litter-picking, teaching guitar (I think I'm good), gardening.........anything. I've attached my CV for refs.


NAME:- Chris Harris

CORE SKILLS & EXPERIENCE: - Over the years I’ve gained much experience in a number of fields that I thought relevant to list here:-

  • Materials and stores management          
  • Data base management
  • People management
  • Customer Service
  • Factory Planning
  • Tele-Sales
  • Microsoft Excel/Word


ADDRESS:  38 Senga Road, Hackbridge, Surrey.   SM6 7BQ

E-mail:-   chris.harris38@tiscali.co.uk

Tel: - 020 8647 1953


EMPLOYMENT: - For most of my working life I have been employed by “PHILIPS” the Dutch electronics company.  I started work with this employer in 1974 and stayed with them until redundancy in 1988 (14 years). During this period my roles included running a production floor sub-stores, materials procurement in the buying office, data base input coordinator and onto factory production planner.

                                             After Philips I joined a much smaller company called “Le Maitre” who specialised in producing Stage lighting and effects for the entertainment industry. At Le Maitre I worked as Stores Manager and then as works supervisor but my future there was again blighted by redundancy. I was at Le Maitre from 1988 until 1991.

                                             With the U.K economy now more stable I sought re-employment with PHILIPS and was fortunate enough to be taken on once again by them in 1991 where I remained until September 2012 when yet again economic uncertainty forced redundancy.  My roles during this second term with Philips began as a lighting sales-desk person. From there I moved on to becoming a regional supervisor for the sales-desk. My next role was to focus upon building trade with a dedicated customer in a post entitled “Internal Lighting Maintenance Manager”.

ADDITIONAL SKILLS/ATTRIBUTES: - I have a wide range of interests, hobbies and experience. I’m hoping that these attributes, along with an enthusiastic and flexible approach to work will help make me a viable candidate for the post applied for.

EDUCATION: - I was educated to O-Level standard at Elmwood High School in Wallington in the 1970’s. I then enrolled at night school with a view to obtain A-Levels in Maths and Physics. After a year of experiencing a string of course closures I decided to leave night school and to focus on opportunities within my new employer (Philips Electronics).


Mr Nigel Hearnden                                                                               Mr Andrew Gowen

Customer Service & Supply Chain Manager                                    Outdoor Lighting Solutions

Philips Lighting UK                                                                                 Philips Lighting UK                                                                     

The Philips Centre                                                                                 The Philips Centre

Guildford Business Park                                                                       Guildford Business Park

Guildford                                                                                                 Guildford

Surrey    GU2 8XH                                                                                  Surrey     GU2 8XH

E-mail:- nigel.hearnden@philips.com                                              E-mail:- andy.gowen@philips.com

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good luck Chris!


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