Has anyone else been woken up in the middle of the night by hammering or pile driving on the Felnex site? We were woken up at 3am last Friday morning, and again around 2.30 this morning. I phoned to complain to Sutton's Environmental health dept about this but they havent got back to me. We live quite a way off so i imagine others have heard this noise. I can't believe this can be an acceptable or legal state of affairs!? I wonder if anyone else has taken any action over this or can shed any further light on it?

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I live very close to the Felnex site and don't think the noise is coming from there. We have heard it but it's not that loud, if it was coming from Felnex we would know about it.! I've seen suggestions on twitter that the noise is coming from the tramlink at Mitcham, although nobody knows for sure.


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