Hi all

Myself and others have all experienced the problems that arise from the parking situation in Wandle Road and Park Road. Speaking with many, if not all at one stage, I came up with a few ideas and options that may improve the situation in the area.

A few years back the Council wanted to introduce CPZ, controlled parking zone into the area. Neighbours were not happy with the proposed plan for a number of reasons and it appeared that the council wanted to use a sledge hammer to crack a nut!

I spoke with nearly every household on the roads targeted for the CPZ and got their input and ran ideas past them as I gathered information. To cut a story short I believe that the ideas that were collated after the talks with so many residents in the area adds up to a pretty decent plan.

Having spoken with the planners at Sutton Council and got a positive result with the yellow lines soon to be implemented at the junctions of Elmwood Close and Wandle Road I feel confident that if we came up with a similar plan to resolve the problems in surrounding roads that the Council will look seriously at getting us what we ask for.


I would like to see an end to the bad parking that causes a "chicane" effect in Park Road often resulting in a blockage at the junction of Centurion Court and Greenacre Place. With the introduction of STRATEGICALLY PLACED double yellow lines on the corners to prevent the parking of vehicles too close to the corners/parallel to each other whilst NOT exceeding the length of the lines required to solve the problem we could not only improve the flow of all traffic but also not lose much needed parking in the area. Done correctly it would lose minimal parking but improve safety and access for all.

There are also issues with the junction of Park Road and London Road when it comes to emerging from Park Road. The possibility of raising the road surface to be level with the pathways would have the benefit of allowing cars to see further up London Road to the right by giving the vehicle extra height at that junction. (see above the small fence)

It would also make the entry into Park Road appear "controlled" and slow cars. A 20mph zone I believe is also a good idea in Park/Wandle Roads.

Wandle Road.

This is very much a "work in progress" idea and more input and talks with residents must be had.

As we are all aware of the problems in Wandle road resulting from narrow widths and lots of cars I spoke of the possibilities of making Wandle Road a ONE WAY road.

Having experienced the head to head and nowhere to go scenario I believe that a one way at the junction of Park Road heading up Wandle road towards London Road would remove the problem. Lorries entering Wandle Road from London Road have then found themselves unable to get through once they pass around the corner and it becomes tight. Reversing back is the only option and is very dangerous. Cars also get the problem of passing Centurion Close only to meet a vehicle coming from  the other direction. Often there are 2 or 3 cars "stuck as they try to reverse or squeeze past each other. A one way would put an end to that saving time and frustrations and improve safety.

I'd like to see the Kerbs CHAMFERED so as to lessen the impact on car tyres, alloy wheels and steering parts as drivers try to park 50/50 on the pathway. The pedestrian access should also be taken into account where cars park on the pathways.

The introduction of a 20mph speed limit to improve safety.

The above suggestions are merely that and of course more input from residents is encouraged. Let me know of your thoughts and or suggestions for improving these roads. Lets work together to sort the problems as best possible for all that live in the area.


Phil Elliott.

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A one-way system might work.

There are also problems turning left into Wandle Road from Elmwood Ave as cars and vans often park close to the corner, restricting visibility. There seem to be a lot more vans parked on this section of Wandle road recently which reduce the visual quality of the otherwise leafy road. Don't suppose much can be done about that.

Jim Duffy

Birchwood Ave


Job Done Jim...finally. Having spoken with the council, had visits to see the area and look at what we are asking for the Council have worked to get this sorted so fair play to them. They've looked at a number of other ideas that we've come up with including the one way....all just ideas but potentially a good one?...discuss with all in the area etc.

The yellow lines should have been implemented today, 6th June according to my e-mails from the council, I assume the bank holiday weekend has put it back a day or so? I have asked along with others to get lines put in on the corners and after a number of attempts to get them put exactly in the best place so as to improve line of sight and the ease of turning and also not lose much needed parking spaces, I believe that what is coming should be a great improvement to the area. I'd also like to see a 20mph limit.

The vans that park in the area are known to me as to where they live in proximity of where they park. The owners are either at the top of Wandle road, too narrow to park there, live on London road, would cause obstruction even though legal to park there or are new in the area and feel parking in Wandle road is better than parking outside their home due to the size of the vehicles. Not a lot that can be done if legally parked, majority of the vans are regularly moved and the owners are basically making a living...needs must!

I believe the yellow lines will go some way to alleviating the problems associated with parking on the corners..usually commuters! The van issue is just a case of many people that live in this area are tradesmen that need vans for their work and that is just part of where we are Jim.

Watch this space...it'll start looking better soon I feel sure.


Hi Phil

Fair comment about the vans. Also one chap from Birchwood owns two vans parked on Wandle Rd.

Two years ago we asked Sutton's trees officer to plant a new tree on Wandle Road to help soften the lines, which thankfully they did. The tree, opposite the attotments, is now fourishing.

Thanks for all your thoughtful efforts on this front.

I look forward to seeing the changes.



Finally we have got the double yellow lines in place on the corners of Elmwood Close and Wandle Road. Already I can see an improvement and it generally looks a lot less "cluttered" with vehicles parking badly. The CCTV car is flying around trying to catch out anyone that may park on the lines but I think that they may be losing out from the "cashcow" parking fines that they used to regularly get from the supposedly dropped kerbs for pedestrian access.

So all looks good apart from seeing a few drivers now going a lot faster into the junction (because it clearer)to turn right towards London Road!!

Hi all,

i know this thread is now old but i was wondering whats everyone's views on both of the factory's having been granted planning permission? i know they are a eyesore but i don't agree with the fact that there is going to be residents parking for the developed properties which are going to be placed there. I'm more than happy for the factories to be redeveloped but i don't see why we should lose the spaces! This means minimum 10 spaces being taken from the current residents. I'm not sure if you are experiencing problems with the parking at the moment but for the last two weeks every single evening after work i am waiting for at least 15-30minutes for a space somewhere near my house which is on wandle road. 

Anyway let me know what you think

Many thanks


Hi Nikki.  I notice that you have just joined the NDG on this site.  We are a group of local residents and businesses trying to write a draft neighbourhood plan.  I live on the London Road and since Centrale opened to the world, parking has got even worse this side of the railway bridge.  The whole issue of parking really needs to be addressed and it would be good to hear more about your experience and that of other local residents in both Park Road and Wandle Road as these roads and other close by are defined within the boundary of Hackbridge, although they are in the North Beddington ward.  I am the current Chair of the NDG and as we start to refine our drfat plan it would be helpful to ensure that we have appropriate evidence from across the boundary area.  Please feel free to contact me if you would like to discuss this issue further.  Many thanks.  Helena

Hi Nikki

Having been invited to go to a meeting regarding the old factory in Park Road which gave me the chance to voice my concerns to the developers and Tom Brake who was also there, It was to my opinion that this development was a good thing given the rapidly deteriorating eyesore we presently have.

The concerns you raise regarding the parking in the area are obviously justified. The parking has always been an issue in Wandle Road due to the make up of the houses, maisonettes and multiple car ownership, like many other roads in the area.

Having watched what goes on regarding the parking, much of it irresponsibly with respect to parking in Park Road, I can see that something needs to be done. I have met with a few council planners in recent months/years and was involved in finally getting the yellow lines placed (correctly) on the Elmwood Close junctions.

During those meetings I expressed my thoughts on ideas to deal with the parking problems, many of which are caused by the commuters cars. I have a pretty good idea that I feel would solve the problem and also some of the funding would come from the developers of the factory. I'm led to believe that they have agreed to pay for road signage, modifications and a few other "ideas" to improve the area.

Having had the pleasure of dealing with Suttons road planners and educating them in the errors of their ways regarding the Elmwood/Wandle junctions, I mentioned that I was willing to suggest ideas and work with them to sort out the parking in the area where possible.

Having lived here for over 20 years and speaking with other neighbours in the area, I have a fair idea of what needs to be done. Will they listen?.......they've got nothing to lose and a pretty good chance to sort it out around here.

Councillor Bruce Glithero has a fair idea of what I have done in respect of the CPZ fiasco once proposed, remember that?

Sutton Council seem to jump in with all guns blazing but often fail to listen to what we actually WANT in our community. They're more than welcome to pop around again and I can let them know my ideas.....AGAIN!!

Recently I was speaking to a resident regarding the problem of commuters parking in the roads close to the station. I asked him if they ever visited the seaside? Obviously his answer was yes. I then asked him if he was concerned about the persons house that he parked outside of (free of charge)for most of the day whilst he and his family relaxed on the beach. The point here is this. We're all  struggling to make a go of things and to save a few pennies where possible. So when someone legally parks their car in a road close to Hackbridge station....think about what you, and I would do when visiting the coast or the likes.

It may not necessarily be what we want around here but unfortunately WE chose to live near the station. The fact is families have cars and the area has a lot of homes, it was always going to be an issue in Wandle Road.

I see people that live on London road park along here. They chose to live on a busy road with no real parking, then complain when they cannot park around here! They are 200 yards away from their homes but we have to put up with theirs and their friends parking around Wandle and Elmwood Close.

It's just how it is. It may be frustrating but that is what happens when you are living in a densely populated area. I'm sure the people that live on the Seafront are equally miffed when I park outside their front doors and go build sandcastles and eat icecreams......I'm afraid that's just what goes on.

Always happy to meet up and chat over a cuppa.

Phil Elliott.

Hi Phil.  Thank you for this detailed response and I would be happy to meet-up for a chat and a cuppa with both you and Nikki.  The struggle with the whole issue of cars, car parking and sustainable suburb is a difficult one.  I would value the opportunity to discuss how you see this issue improving with the proposed development of Felnex and changes elsewhere in Hackbridge. The Savoy Cafe at Hackbridge Corner is a growing hub for residents and businesses to discuss this type of issue.  Shall we have that cuppa in the near future?  Bye for now.  Helena

Good morning Phil & Helena,


I think it is a brilliant idea to meet up for a cuppa in the near future to discuss these issues. Let me know when a good time is for you both.

Looking forward to meeting you both.


Good afternoon all,


With one development near completion and the second due to start down wandle road was curious as to what was decided in regards to parking down Wandle Road.


I see from Phils response to me previously that there was ideas thrown about in regards to road signage and the possibility of making the road one way, neither of which would actually stop commuters parking down Wandle Road.


I have met with various residents previously and we are all in agreement that Residents parking seems to be the only solution in regards to actually being able to park somewhere near the properties in which we live in, especially with the developments down the road.


Would like to know peoples thoughts on residents parking.


I understand that currently the council do not have the budget to provide this, however after many discussions with Tom Brake he has made a suggestion in which I am currently carrying out in regards to obtaining residents parking.


Would be lovely to hear from other residents of this area which I have not spoke/met with previously.


Kind regards




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