I just received a communication from Developers asking to buy part of my garden. All of the occupants along the North side of Senga Road also got letters. There is nothing we can do to stop this. Some residents will agree to sell off there land others wont. Those who won.t will be offered more money and some of them will then sell their land. Also as houses naturally go up for sale - the developers will buy them and move in one of their employees until enough land is purchased to begin building houses. The first second and third plans will be successfully objected to but eventually they will win and another chunk of Hackbridge will bite the dust forever.

The gardens along the Norht side of Senga Rd back onto what was once the carriage drive to the culvers Mansion.

This is heritage and living heritage at that with Medland close leading into a beautiful tree lined avenue stretching out to the wandle. These trees will go - the rural feel of the path will go. Cars and cramped houses will replace the serenity and history of this place. What can we do about it..........Bugger all I'm afraid.Senga%20Rd%20development.pdf

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We got this in Longfield Avenue too. I wouldn't worry too much, we looked into the company and it all seems a bit dodgy. I think they are just chancing their arm. Even if they bought the end of everyone's gardens, access would be nearly impossible, you'd have to buy a lot of garden for very little return. I agree we need to hang on dearly for what heritage we have left here, hopefully others feel the same.

Thanks for the info Petra - fingers crossed.


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