As the title suggests, there are 3 young people that have now "moved in" to the premises that was once the spice factory.

It appears that they have been in there for a few days and there is a sign posted declaring that they have taken over the place as a legal squat.

Obviously 1st reaction is of concern and thoughts of drug taking and all the usual stereotypical scenarios now present in our immediate neighbourhood.

I decided to check out our new neighbours and took a walk with my dog after being told that they was cooking on an open fire and smoke was wafting across the road.

Approaching the doorway a young lad came out and just let me know that he and his friends were simply "wild cooking" their supper.

I've had a chat with the 3 of them, Sam, Vicky and a Lithuanian? I think was called Alex, and from what I can make out they are happy to try and keep a low profile and not be a nuisance to anyone in the area.

Having broken the ice I then had a better chat with the 3 of them and it is clear that they are pretty sensible and reasonable young this stage.

My concerns are that the numbers will escalate and the reasonable attitudes shown by these 3 individuals may not be the same from others that may follow.

I will continue to chat with the "kids"...basically that's all they are by the look of them and with any luck they will cause no problems as they have already stated is what they intend to do.

I'm not sure how this will pan out but as a precaution I would suggest making sure your properties are secure and no tempting valuables are left laying around.

My gut feeling is they are OK but given time and looking at the size of the building I fear things could soon get a little bit "busier" in the neighbourhood, watch this space.

Phil Elliott.

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Having spoken to one of the guys living in the factory it seems that they are probably moving on in the next few days or so. From what I can make out they have got another place to go to and a "festival" lined looks like things are returning to normal.

I would hope that the owner makes more of an effort to secure the premises and ensure that adequate measures are put in place to stop a repeat of this. The site needs re-developing sooner rather than later but not at the cost of parking in the area. I believe plans are being put forward but lack of parking for the proposals is a sticking point?


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