There's a horrible smell wafting over Hackbridge this evening.. I only moved to the area last week & it's got worse by day since I moved in... So a question to forum; do I need to prepare to embrace this smell as part of my life for the years to come, or is there something amiss?

I visited the area a few times prior to moving in and it was not something I noticed, however a google search for "Hackbridge Smell" suggests its not the first time the area has been subjected to this stink... Can any fellow residents enlighten me?

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Unfortunately there is a Hackbridge smell, it's from the Thames Water site

Apologies for dragging this thread up, I've been looking into the area with the intention to buy but have only visited once. During this visit I did not notice what I now understand to be the infamous "Hackbridge Stink". So far much of my research has suggested that this is a good area with reasonably priced property and good transport links thanks to the station but this odor does concern me.

It seems there is a vibrant community here and the presence of this network site further credits that I should be considering Hackbridge but I was hoping to hear from the residents as to exactly how bad the pong is? Do you notice it day to day? Is it awful on hot days when you need the windows open? Are there roads in Hackbridge which have it particularly bad?

Thanks in advance to everyone who can get in touch,


Hi Jay
Where are you looking at living? It's worst near the station. It's certainly not every day, and there doesn't seem to be a trend i.e. weather or time of day/year.

Whilst its an annoyance, it doesn't ruin life here, we've been here for 6 years now.

This is a very late reply but I have been told the that locals can report the Hackbridge Pong whenever it rears it pongy head(!) to:

0845 920 0800 or email with subject line 'Beddington STW'

The smell only happens only when the wind is from the east. As most uk weather comes in from the west you will only be bothered by this issue a few days per year.

You're right Chris, it was at its worst when I first posted this thread almost a year ago but have hardly noticed it since. Hopefully it'll be gone altogether when they finish the 'Dutch Barns' at Beddington Lane, think that should be done this summer..

There is without doubt a smell - its too frequent.

Hi guys, we are thinking to move into one of the new eco houses in the smell still there?

Hi Cristina - I've been living here for over a year and not encountered the smell once so far.

If you are still considering moving to the area, you may find these links helpful :)


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