Does anybody share my horror at the ongoing tree pruning frenzy that Hackbridge and surrounding areas are suffering. Most streets have taken on a post apocalyptic appearance, with many trees looking as though they've been caught in an atomic blast wave. How this can be allowed without even asking local residents is beyond me. 100 year old trees wrecked in 20 minutes when they appear perfectly healthy and safe. Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaagh......!!  

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Oh dear, how distressing. Whereabouts and why? Not so bad if it's proper tree surgery leaving a fairly natural shape, but vile when it's pollarding.
On the other had, I am happy to know that some of the sycamores will be removed from the riverside, as the water is too thickly shaded for the health of the fish and other wildlife.

Senga Rd,Westcroft Rd,Link Rd, Mill Lane & River Gardens, Wilderness Island, Hackbridge Rd, Beddington Park..............

Lysanne - (I see your reply has been deleted ?) - some examples of 100 year old tree mutilation:-

1) The Cedar Tree that once stood close to the Railway Tavern in North Street has been completely removed.

2) The Oak tree directly opposite the Cedar Tree looks has sufferred a frenzied attack.

3) At the top of Westcroft road one very old tree has been removed that stood at the end of the canal.

4) At the entrance to Westcroft Rd at the High St end a very tall old tree there no longer can be described as a tree.

5)  Also butchered are one or two of the Culver's Carriage Drive trees behind Senga Rd.

6) Not so old (Approx 85 years) is a tree half way along Senga Rd that would not look out of place in Battle of The Somme snaps.

7) Wilderness Island is getting thinner and thinner as is the round Copse in Beddington Park.

It is also the destruction of younger trees I object to where every Street has endless examples of hacked up branches. Nature does not need tree surgeons. 

Hi Chris - yes I deleted my response as I hadn't scrolled down at the time and my question had already been answered!  You are best to get in touch with the council to find out the reasoning behind each tree, obviously they have been doing their winter pruning right now and may have had complaints about some of the trees being too big, cutting out light etc.  There could actually be branches that have been damaged that need removing too from high winds.

There are people who love nature and other people who find trees a pest because they shed leaves or fruit - I can understand if it is a Ginko, because the fruit stinks!

Thanks for your reply Lysanne. I've tried writing to the council on previous occasions and found as you say that I'm up against those who regard trees and their autumn leaves a menace. The obscuring of light (as you also mentioned )is another popular excuse for destruction. I think I've got to face that I'm in the minority and accept the inevitable complete deforestation of the entire planet. I think I must also come to terms with the certainty of that fast approaching day when there will be zero open fields left anywhere in the U.K. I mourn those heady days before my birth when Hackbridge was a Hamlet and Wallington a village. My Great Grandmother (who as a child lived in Battersea in the 1880's) - used to visit her aunt in the country at Somerstown. Nowadays as you may know, Somerstown is a little known area between Wandsworth and Tooting miles from any "Countryside". The day will soon be with us when Birmingham's suburbs will merge with London' suburbs and south London suburbs will join with Brighton's suburbs. Still we must keep building more houses mustn't we as people need them. Does nobody understand there is a limit to the amount of people the U.K can support before it sinks below the waves..............  Oh well mustn't grumble


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