I have been, to use an overworked term, gobsmacked by the scale and extent of changes going on at Hack Bridge on the River Wandle. And by the apparently total absence of comment anywhere. It seems to me that the Wandle Trust have (a) got some serious money from somewhere, and (b) are reshaping the course and channel of the river in a completely autocratic and undemocratic manner. The first I knew about these alterations was when i saw them underway and saw the riverside path closed off.there appears to have been no consultation about these changes which whatever the alleged improvements to fish habitat will in my opinion destroy a particularly picturesque view of the river and what was an unusually wide stretch of water. On the WT web site there is a rather bombastic and arrogant boast about delivering 'our vision of the river' but no reference to anyone else's! Am I the only person who is unhappy about this version of river fascism?

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Hello Robert . I saw the mutilated river view for the first time this morning. The Wandle trust are playing games by trying to increase the diveristy of habitats for wild-life. They seem to have overlooked that nature has survived for ever and had adapted very well to the (now ruined) Hackbridge Bridge environment. Your right it was a beautifully wide stretch of the river and I've often stopped there to watch the ducks,fish  & birds thriving in the splendour of it all. To try and formalise nature with a human slant on how things should be is typical of mankind and I know this was the last fragment of rural Hackbridge that we wil ever see.  


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