Hi everyone.

I am moving to Hackbridge soon, I am buying a house near to the Felnex Industrial Estate. Wondered if anyone knew when they are likely to start work on the site? Just curious, I have found a wealth of info online about the development but can't find anything which says when they will start the demolition/development.

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Hi, we are all anxious to know and we hope to get an update at the Community Forum on Thursday 28th at Hackbridge Primary. Do come along!
Thursday is moving day, so we will probably still be unpacking boxes..! Would love to get involved though, when will the next meeting be?
Hi Joe, hope the move went OK. The developers came to Hackbridge Forum last night. They said the timescales are Demolition and remediation of contaminated land starts autumn 2013, Commence infrastructure works spring 2014, Commence residential build summer 2014. They intend to start building behind the school and over the back near the railway line first.
Great thanks for the update Sue, good to have an idea as to what's happening when. I will come along to the next forum, this development is right on my doorstep so good to know what's going on...

Hi Joe - if you click on Neighbourhood Plan in the main menu, it will take you to an area that gives you information about some of the developments that are happening in Hackbridge.  It also tells you about the Hackbridge and Beddington Corner Neighbourhood Development Group which you might be interesting in as we are trying to write our own neighbourhood plan.  Alternatively click on the link to take you to the right area:- http://hackbridgendg.wordpress.com/developers/felnex/

Hi Lysanne, thanks for the link very interesting read. Surprised to hear that no supermarket has come forward yet, the area is crying out for a decent shop. I'm sure someone will come forward in good time. I will try and come along on the 27th March, I don't have much to contribute, more of an interested observer.

I'm not sure a supermarket is the best Idea? Will it not just kill off the few local traders that still eek out a living? Utopian I know but a butcher and a baker (no need for candlestick maker) would be a great addition...


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