Hi Hackbridge people!!!

I grew up in Hackbridge, went to Wallington Boys etc, but have lived in Clapham for the last 10 years or so - and am thinking of buying back in Hackbridge in the coming months...primarily for it's great transport links, friendly people, great schools, amazing park, proximity to family etc.. ok, the benefits are abundant!.

But despite it's obvious qualities I'm struggling to sell it to my other half for one simple reason....she repeats.."There isn't anything there"!

Now I know the new plans intend to deal with this exact problem - but....after studying the future plans, it seems there are plans to drastically increase the number of people living there....but nothing to attract them!!!

I guess my point is - there still remains a severe lack of places to eat/drink out? You have the Grange, the red Lion or the Asia tandoori? For a residential area with 1000 houses and plans for a further 750 odd, that seems crazy???? And surely enticing for a restaurateur or two! - Come to think of it, there's not even much in Carshalton!

Does anyone know of any plans to bring something more to the area to accommodate the vast number of residents who like a drink or a meal?...and potentially create a destination people 'go to' rather than 'drive through'!?!?!

I know a poll was released where a majority of people voted for a Waitrose...so I know the majority of people in the area surely would also love....

Gails bakery?


Franco Manca?

Kirbisher and Malt?

A tapas bar?

Maybe even a wine bar or Gastro pub?

Does anyone have any thing I can sell it on?!?!?!?!?!? even if two years away?!!?!??!


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