This is a copy iof the post I put on facebook page following the meeting in April, for those who have no access to FB:

I reproduce below a list of suggested possible uses for the building. The big challenges are: working up an options document, looking into funding opportunities, identiifying people who might be interested in using the building, maybe running some of the suggested businesses, and ultimately producing some sort of business plan (we hope with Council co-operation and involvement) which will secure the long term future of the Lodge as a community asset.
Set aginst these we feel that obtaining funding to rehabilitate the building should be one of the less difficult problems- it's the longer term that is less clear. What is clear is that we need more prople to get actively involved. If you're interested in playing a more active part than reading and 'liking' these posts please get in touch with us, initially by mailing the Hackbridge and Beddington Corner Neighbourhood group at the address hackbridgeandbc[at]

Possible suggested uses:

A resource for the adjacent Culvers House School – the garden could be developed as a learning resource for children, and the possibility of use of some of the building for educational use by the school, including the possibility of additional classroom use in the grounds, explored.
A funding bid for partial use by the WVRP as accommodation/visitor centre/small museum could incorporate monies for rental costs payable to LBS?
Subject to space available it was felt that a part of the grounds might be released for community build (which need not necessarily be residential, for example a micro-brewery?!) as defined in the Localism Act. This could inject funds which could be set aside for running costs in the early years of the Lodge’s life. There was also strong support for retention of all or most of the garden which it is felt is an important asset of the building.
Potential for a part-time café/meeting place initially for parents of the Culvers House school, perhaps run by volunteers from the school, and paying rent to the council.
A community shop for local produce, perhaps Sutton Community Farm
A potential showcase for BioRegional and/or ZedFactory
It was suggested that the nature of the building with relatively small rooms could be an attraction for some potential users, either to rent as meeting rooms and/or as rentable space for one or two small local businesses looking for basic office accommodation.

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