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Home-made molasses and mustard baked beans

This vegetarian baked beans recipe is very easy to prepare, especially in a crockpot or slow cooker, and you can make it more spicy to suit. It's also low in fat, cholesterol-free and high in fibre.… View »

Morrocan-style Lamb Spare Ribs

This is an easy, delicious way to prepare slabs or strips of lamb spareribs, first coating the meat with herb and spice mixture, and then slow-roasting in the oven to buttery tenderness. The optional… View »

Spicy Tomato Dipping Sauce

good for chips, nachos, etc; perfect for a party; best made in advance so the flavours develop; adaptable - try adding horseradish sauce for extra bite, or mustard.   Fry 1 chopped onion and 2… View »

Fudge Brownies

Yummy, moist and rich and light, and quite healthy because of the secret ingredient - apple puree!!Will keep fresh a few days. Makes 16-20 pieces. (contributed by Jo Simister, adapted from The Low-Ca… View »

Cereal Bar

A very versatile Australian recipe (thanks Rhiannon!) - add the fruit and nuts etc that you like. You can miss out the egg (making it more like flapjack), and use spelt or gluten free flour if you p… View »

Turkey and stir-fry veg - for wraps, pittas, etc

INGREDIENTS FOR 6-8 LARGE WRAPS: 500g minced turkey(or chicken or lean lamb) I-2 tsp curry spices (cumin, chilli, etc) or herbs - whatever you like 1-5 garlic clove(s), crushed (optional)   2 re… View »


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