Lemon Drizzle Yoghurt Pot Cake - easy for children to help make

One round cake or 1kg loaf or 12 generous muffins or 20 smaller cakes.


The website (below) says, ‘Yogurt cake is the perfect cake for a parent to bake with their child. It’s simple and quick to make, with the added advantage of not explaining to your kid about the complex issues surrounding various methods of measuring weight. This is because the base unit of measurement is the yoghurt pot. Thus, all references to ‘pot’ in the recipe refer to the pot of yogurt.’


1 x 125g pot of any plain yogurt *

2 eggs

1 x pot caster sugar

3 x pots white SR flour

¾ x pot vegetable oil

Grated rind of one lemon


For the lemon drizzle:

Juice of ½-1 lemon and 1½  tblsp icing sugar


* You can use a flavoured yogurt, in which case omit the lemon and drizzle – perhaps make a complementary icing instead.

  1. Preheat oven to 170-180 deg C / 350 F and prepare tin or muffin pans etc
  2. Pour yogurt into a large bowl, stir in the oil and wash out pot.
  3. Add the grated lemon rind.
  4. Add pot sugar, then other ingredients and mix well
  5. Pour into the tins and bake until golden brown (10-15 min for buns, 35-45 mins for a tray bake)
  6. Prepare the lemon drizzle mix – stir the icing sugar into the lemon juice and mix until smooth.
  7. Pour over the hot cakes as soon as they come out of the oven.



Adapted from the Yogurt Cake at  www.bbc.co.uk/dna/h2g2/A765632

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