No-fat Banana Bread

This is delicious and simple – it’s from my nephew who made it in school. We use a combination of wholemeal and white flours so that it is more chewy and filling. Molasses sugar gives a richer flavour.

It’s yummy with stewed fruit and/or a dollop of yoghurt, as dessert.

2 soft bananas

1 cup (125g) sugar

Pinch of salt

1 egg

2 cups (250g) flour – half wholemeal

1 tsp soda bic

1 tsp baking powder

• Mash the bananas.

• Beat the bananas and sugar together

• Add the salt and egg and beat.

• Sift the dry ingredients together and add gradually to the egg and banana mixture.

• Pour into greased loaf tin and bake slowly at 350 deg F/ 175 deg C.

• Check after 45 mins by inserting a skewer – but may need 1 hour.


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