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Simnel Cake

The Simnel cake we know today is decorated with marzipan balls and also has marzipan cooked in the middle. NB: If you want to make this recipe for Mothering Sunday, you’ll need to make 13 little ball… View »

Norwegian Apple-cake 1 Comment

One of our favourite family recipes: 3-4 Bramley apples 2 large eggs 225g caster sugar (200 for the cake and 25 for sprinkling over)* 100g butter 6fl oz full fat milk 175g plain flour 2 tsp baking po… View »

Brownies - light & moist, almost no-fat!

Yummy, moist and rich and light, and quite healthy because of the secret ingredient - apple puree!! Will keep fresh a few days, freezes well. Makes 16-20 pieces. (contributed by Jo Simister, adap… View »

Green Tomato Chutney

All amounts flexible, this quantity will fill 4 large jars (e.g.curry sauce jars): NB: Start the night before with stage 1. 450g (1lb) green tomatoes salt 3 large cooking apples 3 large onions 600ml… View »

Goosefair biscuits (Fairings) 1 Comment

The basic recipe makes about 30-36 (depending how much gets tasted in the process!) 250g SR flour 125g margarine or butter 250g caster sugar 1 tblsp ground ginger 1 large egg. Prepare two large bak… View »

All-bran malt loaf

(no egg or yeast, could be wheat and gluten-free) Overnight soak together 1 cup each: All-bran fruit sugar and milk. Next day add I cup SR flour (or other flour with raising agents). Mix well, bake… View »

An Indian Sweet for Diwali: Coconut Barfi Snowballs 1 Comment

  Makes about 30-50 – a good home-made present for children to make.   200g condensed milk 250g icing sugar 200g desiccated coconut rose water (optional)   Put 200g condensed mi… View »

Shortbread - Scotland

For one round, cut into 8 – in a 7 in diameter tin.   125g / 5 oz plain flour Pinch of salt 25g / 1 oz rice flour or ground rice 50g / 2 oz caster sugar 100g / 4 oz butter (or margarine) -… View »

Australian ‘nougat bars’ - similar to flapjack 1 Comment

This is a bit like flapjack, especially if you leave out the egg. It’s a very flexible recipe: you can use any fruits, nuts, seeds etc that you like and omit things you don’t like!   9x15 in tr… View »

The Gingerbread Man Recipe – Gary Rhodes

This recipe was on the back of Tate and Lyle sugar packets for years! 100g / 4 oz dark brown sugar 100g / 4oz golden syrup 225g / 8 oz plain flour ¼ tsp salt 2 teasp soda bic 1 heaped teasp gro… View »


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