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Comment by ROBERT SIMPSON on February 4, 2019 at 12:25

Have just joined and seen your group,  I attended Elmwood School and my father worked in Hackbridge Cable works, when I was 21 I joined the Territorial Army R.Signals at Hackbridge Drill Hall in 55 (M) Signal Regiment in 1959 and served there until 1961 in two units 311 Signal Squadron and No.1 Independent UKLF signal Squadron then then on army reorganisation the unit moved to Coulsdon in 41 Signal Regiment PLKR 

The Drill Hall and Garages were actively used for Signals Training. It was where I learnt Morse.  I was not really aware of the history of the building but did know it was an Anti Aircraft unit in WW2 

Comment by Chris Harris on November 17, 2013 at 11:51

This is gripping stuff Doris . Can you draw a failrly accurate sketch (plan) of the layout of the grounds and send it as an Image.

Comment by Doris Hartin nee Chamberlain on November 17, 2013 at 6:23

Hello again Chris, the drill hall was a very large hall at the back of the big House, my Husband was on the staff and drove a big break down and large Gun in the hall ,there was also a stage at one end ,between the hall and the river were about six very large garages , i can't remember exactly how many, and a large parade ground, at the end of this was the small shed where explosives were stored, we also had pig styles that were used by my Dad so we were lucky to have a small portion of pork one Xmas continue on to the river was our garden i hope this has helped you more another time i hope Doris

Comment by Doris Hartin nee Chamberlain on October 5, 2013 at 0:35

Thank you Chris, we think alike here in Aussie we used to have decent size blocks now they are pulling down the houses and putting four where there was one. As you say we too have too many people and not enough water for what is already here,every where you look the vacant land is being built on and one day there will not be enough land to grow food on, then what will we do, If there are any of the Goad family around please let us know if you can give us any info on the house

Comment by Chris Harris on October 4, 2013 at 11:30

Hello Doris - Town planners have no regard for history. They run our communities like a business where the only valued results are financial. The more houses they build the more council tax they receive and the bigger budgets they have to play with. To the planners our history is swept aside as they play this "Real-LIfe" monopolgy game at our expense. My Great Grandmother (born in 1882) lived in Battersea and used to visit her aunt in the country at Somerstown. Nowadays Somerstown is a forgotten piece of concrete swallowed up by London. All the lovely villages of Streatham, Clapham, Wandsworth, Mitcham, Wallington etc have all been destroyed in this house building /revenue expanding frenzy. Their argument is that we need more housing when the actual requirement is that we need Less People. To have destroyed Hackbridge house and grounds should have been regarded as an act of vandalism. Yes to see some old family photos from the Goad family would be interesting.

Comment by Doris Hartin nee Chamberlain on October 4, 2013 at 0:04

G'day Chris, i would like to meet the persons who decided to demolish the manor,they did not consider the value     of the old place,it was in good repair and maybe a few of the grand staircase steps could have been renovated

the boots of the TA men did a bit of wear and tear but nothing major,i wonder if there is any of the Goad family still around and if they have any photos?

Comment by Doris Hartin nee Chamberlain on October 3, 2013 at 10:20

hi Chris, i am glad i was not dreaming about the drive,when i saw what had been done i was shocked surely it was a heritage to keep, it was the beginning of Hackbridge. My ancesters the Chamberlains were from Mitcham  The Cricketers and suplied the area with hardware, in those days it was delivered by Horse and Cart and suplied Hackbridge Park acording  to one of the tenants from the cottages a Mr Luxford he told me in the1940s so you see i do have a strong feeling for the old place ,our garden was at the far corner where Mullards was we grew lots of vegs and strawberries and Raspberries they came in handy for swapping during ww11 one day i will tell you how we came to go to the Drill Hall  

Comment by Chris Harris on October 2, 2013 at 11:27

Very intersting stuff Doris . Yes you can still see the curved drive to this day and a few of the cedar trees remain also. I wish the park could be restored (complete with house ) to its former glory.

Comment by Doris Hartin nee Chamberlain on October 2, 2013 at 8:24

pardon me but the drill hall was not on the right it was on the left i was going back in my memory and getting carried away

Comment by Doris Hartin nee Chamberlain on October 2, 2013 at 8:20

 Chris  That is the Drill Hall the conservatory was not there in 1942 that was the Officers Mess and the space between that and the front steps were the Colonels office the other side of the steps was the ranks bar, and the piece on the side was the Billiard room and behind that was the Sergeants Mess the Drill hall was to the right of the house behind the building,when i came back in 2011 part of the front circle was still there or i think it was

 right behind all this the stables were still there,when we moved out my Mother left a large picture of my sister behind the coal scuttle on the landing i do hope it was not destroyed she died before i was born and i do not know why her picture was taken off the wall

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