The text says this house stood on the North side of Culvers Avenue. This may be wrong as maps show the house on the south half of the island and easily visible from Hackbridge river Bridge. This would put it on the site of Culvers retreat near where the old cork tree still stands ?

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Comment by Dave Bufton on August 27, 2012 at 8:59

G'day are correct about the position of The Culvers being on the south side of Culvers Avenue at Culvers Retreat. I lived immediately across the river from "The Spanish" (as we knew it as kids) on Mizens property known as Mill House (our part of the big old house was known as The Moorings) and our rear garden backed onto the Wandle. At the time, The Culvers was occupied by the local coalman and his family and I spent many hours playing there with friends. I remember the cork tree very well...and used Culvers Retreat daily walking to and from Hackbridge Infants/Junior Schools, and Elmwood Scrubs for a short while before emigrating to New Zealand in 1958.

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